//wakes up with 72 seconds worth of snapchats from Lara//


I hate when I try and avoid pictures and people make fun of me I’m not being difficult I swear it’s just that 99% of the time I see pictures of me and I feel sick to my stomach I hate myself so much please understand that

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the clouds today are unreal

The Arctic is lit by the midnight sun. The surface of the moon is lit by the face of the Earth. Our little town is lit too, by lights just above that we cannot explain. Welcome to Night Vale.

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turn ons: nice hair, feminist ideology

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I was tagged by airmancas to do the selfie challenge, which was extremely difficult because all my somewhat decent selfies I have already posted. I tag suchasasshole, xstainedglassesx, ishipthat, and nemofanboy

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"Liz wants to know if you think you could do the show for another nine years"
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Since the day I could think I’d had this idea in my head, this piercing notion that life was completely meaningless. Me and everyone else, we were just treading water until our bodies gave out and we sank back into the darkness. When you feel like that 24/7, you might as well get fucked up beyond belief, cause you don’t believe in anything in the first place.

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